SEO Hobart Case Study

Our own site to top of google in 12 weeks!

we targeted 6 phrases for top of google

we got there for all 6 within 3 months

This is a case study of 6 key phrases which represent the most search volume in a local Tasmanian context, although we have been utilizing the latest SEO techniques for many years we have always been working as part  of our website development company Studio 44 Web Design. We decided to implement a stand alone SEO website that targeted 6 specific key phrases.

We are competing against our direct competitors in the local SEO market!


The key phrases we targeted are:

Key phrase number one: “seo services Hobart

Key phrase number two: “seo services Tasmania

Key phrase number three: “seo company Hobart

Key phrase number four: “seo company Tasmania

Key phrase number five: “seo Hobart

Key phrase number six: “seo Tasmania

First month after website launch

we got going quick and registered our url with google.

We built the new website and implemented some great on-page content structure and then registered  the new url with google. Because the domain name is newly registered we did not expect it to rank highly immediately against some of the much older domains that we are competing against. In first 4 weeks we had secured top 10 positions on all the phrases! On page content alone!

Second month after website launch

advanced techniques to push the seo Hobart market

In the second month we started to build some advanced off-page seo structures to push the rankings up, at the end of month 2 we had 1st place for 2 of the target phrases! With respectable top 3 on the other 4 phrases! We were very surprised at the success after 8 weeks remembering this is in direct competition to other local seo companies.

Third month after website launch

adding backlinks and tweeking on-page content

In the third month we started to utilize our multi-spectrum method of back linking which is an expert system of page rank strengthening. This resulted in 1st and 2nd place for 2 of the phrases, first place for another 2 and  second place for the final 2. We also picked up 1st place for 2 new phrases “expert seo Hobart” and “seo agency Hobart“.

We were very surprised that after 3 months we had got the job done considering how strong the competition should be.

If you want to take advantage of our knowledge and skills you can contact us anytime.